Charps has grown from a small-Midwest pipeline construction and maintenance company to a contractor performing services throughout the country in all environments with best in class safety, quality and efficiency. We have the experience and know-how to complete any pipeline project, from new station construction to class change upgrades to routine integrity maintenance. Our team understands and values the importance of proper planning, communication and execution for all projects. This approach ensures projects are completed safely, efficiently, with the highest quality and on-time delivery. We perform work throughout the United States – from the West Coast to the East Coast to the Gulf Coast.

Our Core Values

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What We Do

We construct and maintain oil, gas and byproduct pipelines.

Project Execution

Proper planning and communication for successful project execution.

Safety & Quality

Execute projects with best in class safety, quality and environmental stewardship.

Repeat Business

We pride ourselves on taking the long-term view with customers, creating repeat business.

Charps Pipeline Construction

Installing & Maintaining Pipelines with Integrity

  • We understand the critical nature of a successful project and recognize that mutually beneficial relationships must be established to generate high quality results, exceptional safety cultures and true environmental stewardship
  • We hold accountability over the lessons learned and corrective actions to be taken
  • We take pride in our professional crafts men and women, the best in the industry - who do what it takes day-in and day-out to get the job done.